Camille Hanotte / ILRI

Science Dialogue

One of the ways the ISPC provides assurance to the System Council on science quality and relevance is by convening and brokering science discussions with experts and scientists from within and outside the CGIAR System. The ISPC has held biennial Science Fora to catalyze discussion, convene scientific groups external to the CGIAR around important issues, and foster partnerships that best complement the expertise of the CGIAR and its partners on research initiatives and for development impacts. The ISPC will continue to facilitate a dialogue with the main suppliers of international agricultural research as part of a process of continuously assessing the position of the CGIAR in a new and changing landscape of agricultural knowledge and innovation systems.

Three science fora have been organized to date, focusing on research and partnership issues related to each of the three SLOs. The insights and recommendations from these fora are expected to contribute to the further development of the CRPs and their design, in shaping the next SRF, and to result in positive changes (increased amount and better targeting) of donor support to the CGIAR.

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