SPIA Community

The Standing Panel on Impact Assessment is an external, impartial panel of upto 6 experts in impact assessment subject matter. Panel members are generally full-time academics who dedicate, on average, about one month per year to SPIA activities. The Panel is supported by a Secretariat and each Center/CRP has an impact assessment focal point (IAFP).


The current members are:

Karen Macours (Paris School of Economics and INRA)


Doug Gollin (Oxford University)


J V Meenakshi (Delhi School of Economics)



SPIA is supported by a technical secretariat in Rome, Italy. Staff in Rome currently comprise: Nancy Johnson, Lakshmi Krishnan, and Ira Vater. Two SPIA staff members are based in CGIAR Centers: James Stevenson (IFPRI, from April 1, 2019) and Frederic Kosmowski (ILRI).


Impact Assessment Focal Points (IAFPs)

SPIA’s primary points of contact with CGIAR centers and CRPs are the Impact Assessment Focal Points (IAFPS). IAFPS, who are appointed by their institutions, maintain the flow of information between SPIA and the research programs, and also form a community of practice around impact assessment issues in CGIAR.