Georgina Smith / CIAT

Impact Assessment

The Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA) is a sub-group of the ISPC. SPIA’s mandate is to:

  • provide the CGIAR with timely, objective, and credible information on the impacts at the system level of past CGIAR investments and outputs in terms of the CGIAR SLOs,
  • provide support to and complement the CGIAR centers in their ex post impact assessment activities, and
  • provide feedback to CGIAR priority setting and create synergies by developing links to ex ante assessment and overall planning, monitoring and evaluation functions in the CGIAR.

Between 2013 and mid-2017, SPIA managed a large program called Strengthening Impact Assessment in the CGIAR (SIAC) that supported methods development, impact assessments, and capacity strengthening of impact assessment specialists in the CGIAR (SIAC Program Final Report).  SPIA is currently in the process of producing a series syntheses reports,  impact assessment studies and impact briefs.

SPIA Call for Expressions of Interest for Impact Studies (January 2019)