N. Palmer CIAT

Foresight & Prioritization

This work stream will provide strategic foresight at the system level, analyzing ongoing trends and risks in the field of agricultural research for development, and coordinating and enhancing coherence among system entities. The strategic studies and trend analyses conducted by the ISPC inform the CGIAR System Organization of new trends and emerging issues in agricultural science and in the wider development arena (including types of, and approaches to, partnerships). Results from these studies can help steer the current CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs) toward unexplored questions and new partnerships, or identify areas where new research programs or program components would be needed. The results of these foresight activities will help inform the System Council in the revision of the Strategic Results Framework and will contribute to the relevance and prioritization of CGIAR research.

The issue of prioritization has been the subject of much discussion and analysis in recent years. It has become clear there is a need for system-wide consultation on prioritization as well as expert analysis of certain key issues. Toward this end, the ISPC is launching a two-year program consisting of strategic studies, workshops, and consultations to support system-wide dialogue and consensus on CGIAR prioritization approaches.

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