Our People

Jeroen Dijkman

Senior Agricultural Research Officer

Jeroen joined the ISPC in January 2015. In the recent past, Jeroen was the director of the Enabling Innovation theme at the International Livestock Research Institute, the senior officer of the FAO’s Pro-Poor Livestock Policy Initiative -credited to have influenced global thinking on policy and institutional change by the independent external evaluation of the FAO, and responsible for the design, coordination, and support to the implementation of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock, a multi-stakeholder partnership committed to sustainable livestock sector development. During these appointments, he also led and coordinated the Learning, Innovation and Knowledge (LINK) network of regional rural innovation studies and capacity strengthening hubs in South Asia, East and West Africa and Latin America. Jeroen has developed and applied innovation systems ideas and multi-stakeholder approaches in agriculture and rural development planning and practice, and consulted extensively for bilateral donors, NGOs, CGIAR centres, and the World Bank in all major regions of the world to provide policy advice, and to lead and participate in the appraisal, support, and evaluation of selected agriculture research and development programmes. Jeroen holds a BSc from the International Agricultural College in the Netherlands, and an MSc and PhD from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.