Inception workshops for nutrition impacts (SIAC 3.0), experimental evaluations (SIAC 3.2) and widely-adopted CGIAR research-related innovations (SIAC 3.1) calls

SIAC has funded a number of studies through the 2013 nutrition call, 2014 experimental evaluations call, and the 2014 impact of widely-adopted CGIAR research-related innovations call. Inception workshops were held at Wageningen University (4-5 July 2014), at MIT Sloan School of Management (8-9 February 2015) in collaboration with ATAI, at IFPRI D.C. (16-17 July 2015) in collaboration with IFPRI. The objective was to provide feedback to researchers on research design and methdological approaches, and in case of the experimental evaluations call, provide substantive feedback to unfunded proposals to help develop the proposals and make them more fundable.


Agenda, list of participants and proceedings

Impact of widely-adopted CGIAR research-related innovations call inception workshop, IFPRI, 16-17 July 2015 (PDF)

Nutrition call inception workshop, Wageningen, 4-5 July 2014 (PDF)

Experimental evaluations call inception and capacity building workshop, Cambridge, 8-9 February 2015 (PDF)