Photo by Ollivier Girard/CIFOR

19 April 2018



Item 1. Opening of the ISPC Meeting


Maggie Gill, ISPC Chair & René Castro, Land and Water Dept, Assistant-Director General, FAO

Item 2. Climate change and agriculture:  what do recent policy developments mean for the CGIAR research agenda?   

  • Presentation:  Koronivia work program elements and Agriculture in NDCs (Martial Bernoux, FAO)
  • Presentation:  CCAFS – overview of work program in relation to Koronivia/NDCs demand (Bruce Campbell, CCAFS)
  • Panel: Where are key opportunities for CGIAR? (Vincent Gitz, FTA; Graham Thiele; RTB)
  • Open Discussion
Discussant: Bernard Rey, EC
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break  

Item 3. Future opportunities for the CGIAR

  • Presentation (Marco Ferroni, Chair CGIAR System Management Board)

Panel: How the world in which the CGIAR operates is changing – Insights from ISPC Council members:

  • Pathways from ag research to poverty reduction (Tom Tomich)
  • Growing global recognition of importance of considering nutrition security (Patrick Webb)
  • Speeding up crop breeding (Rodomiro Ortiz)
  • Changing national priorities (Prabhu Pingali)
18:30 Cocktail reception at FAO (Indonesia room, 8th floor)  

20 April 2018


Item 3 continued. Future opportunities for the CGIAR

  • Presentation: How does the changing context CGIAR operates in affect future opportunities: views of ISPC (Leslie Lipper, ISPC Secretariat)
  • Panel: Where are opportunities for CGIAR in a changing world? (Vern Long, USAID; Roberto Ridolfi, FAO;  Jonathan Wadsworth, World Bank; Yemi Akinbamijo, FARA [via Skype])
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break  
10:30- 10:45

Item 4. Implications of SPIA evidence for CGIAR future research agenda on natural resource management and sustainable production systems

  • Presentation: Outcomes from the workshop to refelct findings and ways forward (Karen Macours, SPIA Chair)
  • Presentation:  Emerging results from FAO Agroecology Symposium and implications for research (Rodney Cooke, CIP)

Item 5. Planning for the 2018 ISPC Science Forum

  • Presentation: Win more, lose less: Capturing synergies between SDGs through agricultural research (Preet Lidder, ISPC Secretariat)
  • Panel (Jennifer Thomson and Holger Meinke, ISPC Council members; Leslie Lipper, ISPC Secretariat)
12:15-13:30 Lunch  

Item 6. Taking a close look at livestock in the CGIAR research agenda  

  • Opening remarks (Maggie Gill, ISPC)
  • Presentation:  Shaping the future of livestock: issues around sustainability?  (Tim Robinson, FAO)
  • Livestock research within the CGIAR –what is being done and what is left to others and how do livestock impact pathways differ? (Jimmy Smith, ILRI)
  • Interventions from other CGIAR Centers/CRPs (Karen Macours, SPIA Chair; Barbara Rischkowsky, ICARDA)
  • Changing global livestock research agendas (Maggie Gill, ISPC)
  • Open discussion: Challenging the panel 
Chair: Nighisty Ghezae, ISPC
15:45-16:00 Item 7. AoB and Closing  Maggie Gill, ISPC Chair
16:00 End of Meeting