9 May 2018



Session 1. Introduction - Synthesis of IPSC Foresight

Maggie Gill & Prabhu Pingali

Session 2. Status of Foresight in the GFSF Project and AFS Commodity CRPs

Keith Wiebe
10:15 Coffee Break  

Session 2. Continued.

  • GLDC (S. Nedumaran & Sika Gbegbelegbe)
  • Livestock (Karl Rich)
  • Fish (Chan Chin Yee)
  • Discussion (Discussants: Jill Lenne; Adam Price)
12:00 Lunch  

Session 3. NRM & iCRPs

Philip Thornton
14:30 Coffee Break  

Session 4. Cross-Cutting Themes & Platforms

  • Big Data (Gideon Kruseman)
  • Other Platforms (Genebanks & EiB) and cross-cutting themes (Peter Gardiner)
  • Discussion  (Discussants: Vincent Gitz, Jim Woodhill)
Leslie Lipper

Session 5. Summing Up & Panel Discussion
Panellists: Phip Thornton; Keith Wiebe; Vincent Gitz; Maggie Gill

  • Key messages, pooling together from all Day-1 presentations 
  • Comments on foresight approaches, areas and themes covered; potential synergies and gaps.
Prabhu Pingali

10 May 2018


Session 6. Planning the Way Forward in CGIAR Foresight

  • WG Discussion (Breakout Groups) 
  • - G1: Methodology: does the ISPC foresight exercise indicate any major gaps in current CGIAR foresight and projection work (e.g. Comparative advantage)? 
  • - G2: Major trends and drivers that must be considered in developing CGIAR system foresight; what should we consider in scenarios? 
Maggie Gill
10:30 Coffee Break  
11:00 Reporting and General Discussion  
12:00 Lunch  

Session 6. Continued- Draft of Workshop Outputs (2 groups)

  • Current state of CGIAR foresight work and gaps that need to be addressed
  • Major trends/drivers to be considered in foresight for CGIAR system 
  • Linking foresight to prioritization at system level and other levels, e.g. CRPs, Centers, national partners, donors, etc.
  • Plan of work and next steps needed to build CGIAR system level foresight.
14:30 Reporting and General Conclusions - Next Steps Prabhu Pingali & Rachid Serraj