Neil Palmer (CIAT)

Conference on Why Has Impact Assessment Research Not Made More of A Difference?

San Jose, Costa Rica, 4-7 February 2002

This conference organized by SPIA and CIMMYT focuses on the question “Why has the great volume of credible, positive impact assessment research not made more of a difference in terms of decision making – both at the Center level in terms of program reformulation and at the donor level in terms of bolstering support/resources for agricultural research?” that was raised in the IAFP meeting in Rome (2000). Specific objectives include

  • Providing a forum for publicizing “best practices” in impact assessment research and for disseminating results of recent impact assessment research
  • Fostering dialogue between impact assessment practitioners, both within CGIAR and throughout the larger research and development communities
  • Demonstrating to donors that Future Harvest Centers are committed to organizational learning

Meeting proceedings and list of participants (PDF)