26 February 2018


09:00 Welcome by IFPRI and ISPC/SPIA David Spielman, IFPRI;
Leslie Lipper, ISPC
09:10 Session 1. Overview and objectives Chair: Karen Macours, SPIA
09:20 Introductions Nancy Johnson, SPIA
09:40 Presentation: Trends in NRM investment, research and  impact assessment in CGIAR  Lakshmi Krishnan, SPIA
10:00 Session 2. Recent evidence on uptake of crop, land and water management innovations at scale   Nancy Johnson, SPIA
10:05 Presentation: Synthesis of findings from 9 studies James Stevenson & Paul Vlek, SPIA
11:15 Reflections from some Centers involved in SIAC studies  
11:45 Bringing in the landscape perspective
Presentation: CIFOR systematic review of integrated landscape approaches 
James Reed, CIFOR  
12:40 Lunch  
13:40 Session 3. Improving how NRM innovations are developed and tested Chair: Frank Place, IFPRI/PIM
13:45 Presentation: Yield gap or field gap? Reevaluating the yield gap bringing together agronomic and economic insights Bernard Vanlauwe, IITA
14:15 Presentation: Testing NRM innovations with the farmer in mind Kelsey Jack, Tufts University (virtual) 
14:45 Presentation: Understanding and coping with heterogeneity in designing experiments  Ric Coe, ICRAF/ Statistics for Sustainable Development
15:20 Coffee Break  
15:50 Discussants – focusing on WG questions below Bruno Gerard, CIMMYT; Cheryl Palm, University of Florida
16:15 Working Group Session A. Discussion in three breakout groups
1. Clarity in NRM research agenda and impact pathways within the CGIAR

2. Adequacy of NRM research process design 

3. Realistic assessments of trade-offs – what are the right questions to ask?
17:30 Working Group Session A. Reporting back  


Reception (hosted by SPIA at IFPRI)


27 February 2018

08:30 Light breakfast  
09:00 Session 4. Improving how NRM innovations are promoted and scaled   Chairs: Karl Hughes, ICRAF  
09:10 Presentation: What have we learnt from evaluations of extension interventions for NRM technologies?  Florence Kondylis, World Bank 
09:40 Presentation: Understanding constraints to adoption Jenny Aker, Tufts University   
10:10 Coffee Break  
10:30 Presentation: Insights from behavioral economics - uncertainty, risk preferences, nudges Patrick Ward, IFPRI
11:00 Discussant: NRM Adoption Kathy Baylis, University of Illinois
11:15 Working Group Session B. Discussion in three breakout groups
1. Taking stock of where we are as researchers on the topic

2. Top three priorities going forward

3. Concrete actions we can take forward to address these priorities
12:15 Working Group Session B. Reporting back  
12:45 Lunch  
13:45 Session 5. Methods and tools for assessing adoption and impact of NRM innovations Chair: Nancy Johnson, SPIA
13:50 Presentation: New approaches to measuring improved natural resource systems and ecosystem services  Bradley Doorn, NASA;  Yusuke Kuwayama, Resources for the Future
14:20 Presentation: Developing indicators for sustainable intensification Cheryl Palm, University of Florida 
14:50 Coffee Break  
15:10 Presentation: Making better use of secondary data in impact assessment of natural resource management interventions Katharine Sims, Amherst College
15:40 Discussants Claudia Ringler, IFPRI; Leslie Lipper, ISPC
15:50 Working Group Session C. Discussion in three breakout groups
1. Promising areas for methodology development given specific challenges of NRM

2. Priorities for adoption and impact studies in the context of constraints to adoption and challenges to scale

3. Areas for innovation in measurement, considering that environmental impacts of NRM technologies are not adequately evaluated or captured
16:50 Working Group Session C. Reporting back  
17:20-17:50 Conclusions and Close of Workshop Chairs: Karen Macours, SPIA; David Spielman, IFPRI

28 February 2018

08:30 Light breakfast  
09:00-10:30 Workshop follow up (not required of non-CGIAR participants)
  This session will focus on concrete follow up actions to implement the ideas generated in the workshop
  At the end of the workshop, those participants staying on for the policy seminar will have to go to the IFPRI building on 1201 Eye St., NW ( a 20 minute walk or short ride by taxi)
11:45-14:00 IFPRI Policy seminar. Managing natural resources for sustainable production systems: A research agenda at the crossroads Moderator: Frank Place, Senior Research Fellow, CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM)


  A light lunch will be provided by IFPRI before the seminar