Measuring the Effectiveness of Crop Improvement Research in Sub-Saharan Africa from the Perspectives of Varietal Output, Adoption, and Change: 20 Crops, 30 Countries, and 1150 Cultivars in Farmers’ Fields

A synthesis report on the results of a CGIAR project: Diffusion and Impact of Improved Varieties in Africa (DIIVA) Project – the first major study to focus on the diffusion of improved crop varieties in SSA. Supported by the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), seven CGIAR Centers and their partners carried out adoption research and impact assessments as part of DIIVA, which was directed and coordinated by CGIAR Independent Science & Partnership Council’s (ISPC) Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA) and administrated through Bioversity International.This work has been driven by thre e complementary activities that respond to three project objectives: (1) documenting the key performance indicators of crop genetic improvement; (2) collecting nationally representative survey data on varietal adoption; and (3) assessing the impact of varietal change. This synthesis paper reports on progress in the first two areas: documenting the performance of crop improvement in SSA and validating estimates from expert panels with results from nationally representative surveys on the diffusion of MVs. For more information on DIIVA: please refer the project page