CGIAR and NARS partner research in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence of impact to date

Over its lifetime, the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) has invested 40% of its resources on research and capacity strengthening of agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). While there are differing impressions of the impact of this investment on the livelihoods, health and prosperity of Africans, there has been no consensus on the issue, nor has a systematic, analytical attempt been made to obtain a clearer picture of the overall impact of the CGIAR in the region. This is a more quantitative assessment of the impact of CGIAR investment in SSA as a follow-up to an earlier desk study of available evidence of such impacts (Gryseels and Groenewold, 2001).

This analysis attempts to identify, assess, and synthesize available evidence on the impact of agricultural research, so as to offer a systematic answer to the question: “Have the investments made by CGIAR–NARS in SSA been justified by documented benefits to date?”. Impact Brief No. 9 for this study is titled "Costs and Benefits of CGIAR–NARS Research in Sub-Saharan Africa" and is available on the site.