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    Jeroen DijkmanSenior Agricultural Research Officer

    How Strategic Are Your Partnerships?

    The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) elevated partnership to the level of a goal ( SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals ), indicating that the innovation required to shift agri-food systems to a new and sustainable level of prosperity cannot be tackled effectively by single stakeholder groups.

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    Preet LidderAgricultural Research Officer

    Agricultural Research for Rural Prosperity: Rethinking the Pathways

    Agriculture remains a major source of income in developing countries and plays a central role in reducing poverty. However, it is not the only route to reducing poverty. Furthermore, poverty reduction is a multidimensional concept that is not limited to increasing incomes. The links between agricultural research and poverty reduction are complex and interdependent, and depending on context, there...

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    James Stevenson Agricultural Research Officer

    Data on Adoption of Improved Varieties: Why Do We Need These Estimates?

    The breeding and dissemination of improved crop varieties has been a central feature of CGIAR research since the earliest days of the Green Revolution. In an era in which aid dollars invested in agricultural research are subject to ever-closer scrutiny regarding value for money, it is hard to think of more important ‘results’ on which CGIAR needs data than...

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    Leslie LipperExecutive Director

    Working Together to Realize Agriculture’s Potential in Achieving SDGs 1 and 2

    If you think seriously about what it will take to achieve SDGs 1 and 2, you quickly realize that it needs an immense, focused and coordinated effort on the part of many people and organizations over the next decade. You will also see that agriculture – and the way we manage it – plays a key role.