Policy-oriented Research Outcomes, 2014-2016

This SIAC Objective 2.3 activity will attempt to develop a database of outcomes of CGIAR research that bear on policies, institutions, and investment strategies plausibly linked to CGIAR Center and CRP outputs. Centers and CRPs will be asked to put forward their own lists of these outcomes and identify how the outcome, i.e. the policy or management change, could be verified (not the attribution).

In Phase 1, SPIA hired a consultant (Mitch Renkow) to populate a database of outcome statements that describe significant achievement of derived from CGIAR Center policy-oriented research outcomes (POR) outputs over 2006-2010. The preliminary database of 93 POR outcomes was extracted from Science Council's Performance Management System (PMS) data files. In Phase 2, this initial POR outcome database will be shared with the relevant Centers as well as CRPs now associated with the research program that generated the outcome (with the view of verifying the accuracy of the outcome or update it).  See Terms of Reference for Phase 1 of this activity .

SPIA in collaboration with IFPRI and the Policies, Institutions and Markets (PIM) CRP co-sponsored a PORIA workshop in November 2014.