Advance Methodologies for Tracking the Uptake and Adoption of NRM Technologies, 2013-2014

Previous estimates of natural resource management (NRM) technologies have relied either on “expert opinion” or on elicited responses from farmers in farmer-level surveys. These two methods differ in cost of data collection and the accuracy of resulting estimates of adoption. In addition to the tradeoff between accuracy and cost, the nature of NRM technologies (location specificity, defining what constitutes adoption of a package of technologies etc.) adds to the challenges of documenting adoption.

A two-stage call was issued in July 2013 in collaboration with the Michigan State University (MSU) to identify other methodologies including remote sensing, and mobile phones to track and document NRM technology adoption at broad geographical scale and test its effectiveness against a benchmark method. Of the six proposals in the final round, two from IRRI and CIMMYT were funded, and ICRISAT was given seed money to develop the proposal.

IRRI and CIMMYT research topics and proposals as below:

  • Hyperspectral signature analysis: a proof concept for tracking adoption of crop management practices, IRRI, Gazipur (Bangladesh), 12 months. (Proposal)
  • Innovative use of mobile phone based applications in tracking adoption of Natural Resource Management Technologies in Indian Agriculture, CIMMYT, Haryana (India), 12 months. (Proposal)

Call document (PDF)