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    Leslie LipperExecutive Director

    What Does the ISPC Really Do?

    Welcome to the new ISPC website and to our new blog! We hope to use both to strengthen communications between ISPC and the rest of the CGIAR, and also to engage with others outside the System. In the little more than a year that I’ve been Executive Director of the ISPC, I’ve come to realize that few people—even those within the CGIAR system—are familiar with what the ISPC does beyond reviewing...

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    Lakshmi KrishnanAgricultural Research Officer

    Widely-adopted CGIAR innovations

    SIAC mid-term workshops are an attempt to stock take funded studies, and through discussions provide feedback on analysis approach and preliminary results. The 30th July workshop focuses on the seven (7) studies funded under SIAC 3.1 – these are a rather diverse set of studies , some quite macro in nature, that assess the adoption and impact of a number of technologies that have apparently spread...